ROLL MENU- Subject to Change 


*Alaskan Salmon, avocado & cucumber  • 8
Avocado Avocado rolled seaweed out  • 6

California Crab stick, avocado & cucumber  • 7
Eel Roll Broiled eel w/cucumber. Sweet sauce  • 8
*Eskimo Crunch Salmon, cream cheese w/crunch  • 8

Kappa Cucumber roll  • 6
Mexican Tempura chicken, avocado & jalapeno. Spicy mayo, spicy sesame  • 7.5
*Negi Hamachi Yellowtail with scallions and toasted sesame  • 7.5
*Philly Smoked salmon & cream cheese  •  7.5
*Sake Salmon roll, seaweed out  • 7.5
*Shrimp Tempura Shrimp, avocado w/scallions, sweet sauce  • 8
*Spicy Tuna Crunch Spicy tuna, cucumber w/crunch. Spicy mayo  • 7.5
Sunday Morning (Fried) Salmon and cream cheese tempura. Sweet sauce and spicy mayo  • 8.5
Sweet Potato Tempura sweet potato w/sweet sauce  • 6
Tarantula Soft shell crab, avocado & lettuce. Sweet sauce & spicy mayo  • 9
Tekka Tuna roll, seaweed out  • 7.5
Vegetable Asparagus, avocado & cucumber  • 6.5


Cu-Kani Special   Crab Stick avocado cream Cheese wrapped in cucumber  • 9
Cu- Sp Tuna   Spicy tuna and avocado wrapped in cucumber  • 10
Cu-Sake   Norwegian salmon and Avocado wrapped in cucumber  • 12
Cu-Maguro   Akami tuna with avocado wrapped in Cucumber  • 12
Cu-Philly /Avocado Smoke salmon, cream cheese, and avocado wrapped in cucumber  • 12
Cu- Rainbow   Tuna, salmon, Escolar, and Yellowtail with avocado in cucumber  • 14


Kani mix bomb Marinated crab stick wrapped in Avocado  • 10
Spicy Tuna bomb Spicy tuna and tuna cubes with diced cucumber in Avocado  • 11   
Spicy Salmon bomb  Spicy salmon and salmon cubes with dice Cucumber in Avocado  • 12
House Bomb Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, and snapper with diced cucumber and tobiko in Avocado  • 13    


Available Rolls + Add bake topping
California • 6.5 | Shrimp Tempura • 8 | Mexican • 7.5 | Philly • 7.5

Crab Stix  • Add   4
Crab Stix & Shrimp  • Add   6
Shrimp  • Add   5
Chicken  •  Add  4

Scallop  •  Add   6
Shrimp/Chicken  •  Add   6
Shrimp/Scallop  •  Add   7
Trio  •  Add   8

SUPER PREMIUM (Jumbo 10-pc Rolls)

*Bull Dog Prime    Shrimp, avocado, and crunchy w/ spicy tuna and shrimp tempura topping. Sweet sauce, Spicy Sesame  • 18
*House Special    Shrimp tempura, lump crab & avocado w/spicy tuna crunch. Spicy mayo, sweet sauce  • 18
*Lucy in the Sky   Lump crab & spicy tuna w/tuna, salmon, yellow tail, escolar.  Wasabi yuzu, spicy sesame  • 18
*Mega Godzilla      Smoked salmon, eel & avocado top w/ Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, and avocado. Sweet and spicy sesame  • 18
*Orgasumi Special   Eel, fried oyster, cucumber w/tuna & avocado top. Creamy wasabi, sweet sauce  • 18
Sea Monster Crab cake, shrimp tempura w/avocado top. Spicy mayo, Sweet Sauce  • 18
*Super Dragon    Crab cake, spicy tuna, avocado crunch w/eel, torched escolar, salmon. Sweet sauce & Spicy mayo  • 18
Volcano (Fried) Lump crab, cream cheese, avocado w/spicy seafood lava. Sweet, spicy sesame, spicy mayo  • 18     
Suzy Q (Fried) Spicy tuna, cream cheese, avocado with torched ribeye, and jalapeno. Spicy mayo, sweet Sauce  • 18
*Ultra “M”   Yellow tail w/tuna, salmon, avocado w/ escolar & yellowtail top. Wasabi Yuzu, spicy sesame  • 18        
*Yum Yum Roll      Lump crab, fried oyster, spicy tuna w/avocado top. Creamy wasabi, mango  • 18
Lobster Roll   Whole 4ozTail fried in panko w/ Avocado Cucumber and tobiko  • 22                                                                             


*Alpha Roll    Marinated crab stick, crunch w/ smoked salmon & avocado toppings, sweet sauce  • 14
Big Apple    Fuji apple, salmon, cream cheese w/tuna, snapper topping. Ponzu & wasabi tobiko  • 14
*Bubbas Favorite    Spicy tuna mix w/cucumber, topped w/avocado, spicy mayo & crunch  • 14
*Cheek Dance    Spicy tuna & shrimp tempura w/ escolar top. spicy sesame, sweet sauce  • 14
Co Co Maki    Shrimp tempura, cucumber, cream cheese with avocado coconut top. Creamy wasabi, mango sauce  • 14
*Dangerous    Spicy tuna, cucumber, jalapeno w/tuna, salmon, wasabi salad & wasabi tobiko  • 15
*Dragon    Kani stick, avocado, cream cheese w/ eel, masago, scallion top. Sweet sauce  • 15
*Dynamite   Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, jalapeno w/spicy tuna crunch, red tobiko top. spicy mayo, spicy sesame  • 15
*Fireman Special   Crunchy spicy tuna w/ tuna & jalapeno top. spicy mayo, spicy sesame  • 14
Fire Cracker (Fried)   Lump crab, avocado & cream cheese fried. Spicy mayo, spicy sesame, sweet sauce  • 14
Golden Gate    Shrimp Tempura, avocado inside and torched salmon top w/sweet sauce and spicy sesame  • 14
Hawaiian Brian   Chicken Tempura, jalapeno, cucumber w/avocado top. Macadamia crust, sweet sauce  • 14
*Hot MaMa   Spicy tuna, lump crab cucumber w/ escolar and avocado. Wasabi yuzu, spicy sesame  • 14
*Iron Monkey   Shrimp tempura, asparagus w/marinated tuna, avocado, scallions & masago  • 14
*JDH Special   Spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber in and cooked ebi shrimp on top w/ spicy mayo and sweet sauce  • 14
*Lobster Roll   Lobster, avocado and scallion w/Spicy tuna and shrimp tempura  • 16
*Make My Day   Torched day boat scallop and red tobiko top w/ spicy salmon and cucumber in. Wasabi yuzu  • 15
*Maybe2day    Tuna, yellowtail top w/ spicy tuna, crab stick and crunch. Ponzu, Spicy sesame  • 14
*Pink Lady   Salmon, escolar and spicy tuna, cucumber, and avocado wrap in pink soy paper  • 14
*Raising Arizona   Salmon, escolar, avocado, cucumber w/torched snapper, wasabi yuzu & tobiko  • 15
*Rainbow Special   Kani stick, avocado & cucumber w/assorted fish & avocado Top  • 14
*Red Dragon   Shrimp tempura, Avo. w/spicy tuna crunch Top. spicy mayo, sweet sauce tobiko  • 14
*Salmon Killer   Salmon and avocado top w/ salmon tempura and cucumber. Sweet sauce, spicy sesame  • 14
*Samurai Ito   Fried oyster, spicy tuna & cucumber w/ kani stick top. creamy wasabi & spicy sesame  • 14
*Sashimi Maki   Chunks ofassorted sashimi on top of spicy tuna, tobiko, scallions, spicy mayo & spicy sesame  • 14
*Sea Serpent   Spicy tuna, lump crab, cucumber with eel topping. Sweet sauce and wasabi tobiko  • 15
*Smokey   Eel, kani stick, cucumber w/torched escolar, sweet sauce, masago & scallions  • 14
*Spicy Scallops   Spicy day boat scallops w/ masago & scallions inside/outside, spicy mayo, spicy sesame  • 14
*Spicy Double YT   Yellowtail, avocado and Cucumber w/ yellow tail top. Spicy mayo, Spicy sesame  • 14
*Spicy Salmon Deluxe   Spicy salmon cue. inside and chunks of salmon avo. Top. Spicy mayo & Spicy sesame  • 15
*Spicy Tuna Deluxe   Spicy tuna cucumber with chunks of tuna and avocado topping. Spicy Mayo & spicy sesame  • 15
Super Shrimp   Shrimp tempura, avocado inside and cooked shrimp top w/creamy wasabi and sweet sauce  • 14
*Salmon Eyaki   Tempura cooked salmon, asparagus, kani stick and cream cheese. Ponzu, spicy mayo, spicy sesame  • 14
*Wasabi Tango   Eel, kani & crunch, topped w/salmon, ponzu, wasabi tobiko, salad & scallions  • 14
Wolfpack (Fried)   Spicy tuna, avocado & cream cheese. Spicy mayo and sweet sauce  • 14
*Yellow Mellow   Yellowtail cream cheese & avocado w/mango topping, wasabi yuzu, mango sauce  • 14
*Yellow Jacket   Yellowtail and avocado top with spicy tuna and cucumber. Wasabi yuzu, spicy sesame  • 14